Wednesday, June 10, 2009

365 Cards: Day 102, Challenge Combo

I seem to be hooked on this Challenge site, lately.  I would love to do more challenges, but just can not seem to make the time right now.  I like this challenge because it forced me to go through the last 3 months of challenges on this site to see which ones I wanted to combine.  Being the type of person I am, I took notes. (smile) 

Although it was very time comsuming looking back through 3 months, I really enjoyed going backwards to check out all of the challenges I have missed (since I just recently discovered this site).  I am looking forward to the challenges to come.  I would have liked to have had the time to also look back at all of the ladies creations for each challenge, but that just wasn't meant to be...  :)

Anyway, these are the 3 challenges I decided to combine.
1)Day 30 (March): Don't bug me (use a ladybug)
2)Day 41 (April) Feel Better Friday (get well card with 5 flowers)
3)Day 81 (May) It's hip to be square. (use 5 squares)

I used irridescent flowers (pink, blue, orange and green) and placed rhinestones in the centers, the squares were each a different shade of blue or green- although you can't really tell (except for the pop of pink and orange). The lady bug is a thick acrylic type sticker.  The card base is kraft paper.The stamp is Stampin up. I used a paper shapers punch for the sentiment.

I accidentally linked to the march challenge because it is 2 am, and I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night any day this week.  Sorry!


  1. How fun!! love the challenges you put into one card (or should I say two cards) :D

  2. I didn't have a chance to get around and check out the cards yesterday, I love your card, that was a hard one for me.

    Thanks so much for following my blog.

  3. Wonderful job with the combo challenge! it can be overwhelming to include all of that, especially if you have to go back and find challenges AND you are not rested! You did a lovely job. Thanks for playing! So glad you found us and that you are addicted... we are too :)

  4. Great choice of challenges and such a lovely card, well 2 cards