Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More than a few more cards to share...

I just finished reading one of the blogs I follow, and it was rather inspiring (A New Design by Ashley Newell- when I get a little more savvy I will know how to provide a link). She was celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging, and had realized many accomplishments. I think most of the card crafting bloggers have many of the same goals or desires. You want people to look at and enjoy your work. It is a real compliment to be "cased" (copy and show everything). At sometime or other you might like to be published in a cardmaking or stamping magazine that you enjoy. You hope to perhaps design well enough to gain the respect of fellow card crafters. Well surely these are some of my goals. Additionally, Ashley took another step in that one year time frame. She actually created a store on Etsy in which to sell all of the cards she has been challenged to create since joining this very creative circle (SCS, etc). Wow! OK, well, one thing at a time.... Now on to the cards...

This card was created for my son when he turned 13. He was really into those Bleach characters from a magazine called Shonan Jump at that time. What a difference a year makes! Still, I really liked the way the card turned out.

This is a birthday card that was made recently for a Philadelphia Police Officer who also likes to do hair.

This was the front of a card made for an application to a special program for young males. I kept it simple because it really was supposed to be an application, not a card. The front of it is a few quotes about education. Simple.

I love this card! This was made for a young lady who was hired by the Philadelphia Fire Department Fire Rescue after finishing school. Her family was very proud. The inside was left blank so her dad could write his own words.

This was what it looked like before I added the stethoscope. I liked it better with it. I think they did, too.

These are baby announcements, but could be turned into any type of baby card.

This was a 50th birthday card for a co-worker.
Above is the inside, and below is a close up of the metal tag on the front of the card.

I needed a general card, so I kinda "re-worked" this one. The "cover-up" is pretty obvious, but I was desperate at the time.

This is a valentine card that was made for a coworker. I kinda got on a "white" kick because of SCS. But the design of the card is my own. The person who asked me to make the card had written some lines for his wife that had to do with a rainbow. So what better rainbow to have on a Valentine card than one made with hearts? The photo above is a shot of the inside. I also put hearts on the envelope. The hearts were made from a sizzix die cut.

A simple thank you.

A set of monogram cards made for gifts. Uh-oh. They haven't been given to the recipients yet... : ) I still have lots more to make, but I'm working on them. I'm going to use those new "dust" beads I bought at the convention on a few of them.

A birthday card. I really like how this turned out. The picture is actually a post card I found in this great comic book shop in
Hampton, Virginia. I try to stop in there every time I visit my sister, her husband and her family, and usually end up with a truck load of postcards that I use for quick cards.

This is a Valentines Day card. The inside is above.

A birthday card.

A thank you card I sent after my son completed the 8th grade.

Valentines Day Card.

Valentines Day card. The inside is above. I included a "scratch off" for the recipient.

Valentines Card. Inside above.

Another simple thank you card.

A friendship card.

A birthday card.

A housewarming card. The inside above. I made several of these in different colors. There were 5 or 6 people who moved into new homes around the same time. I really liked how it turned out.

Blank note card.

Get well card.

Blank note card.

This was a wedding card made in the brides colors.

Blank note card.

Blank note card. I gave a set of these to a teacher who had a baby to use as her thank you cards.

Blank note card.

Congratulations card.

I really liked how the rhinstones set on this card.

A blank note card.

I made this an Anniversary card.

A get well card.

Another get well card.

This was my New Year card for 2009.

A birthday card. I stamped the SU greeting on acetate. It actually looks better in person. : )

A get well card. Wasn't sure about this one, but some people liked it.

Another blank notecard.

A thank you card. I really like how this one turned out.

I had a lot of trouble in one of my earlier posts. I have found that when you type the post and view the same post- it doesn't appear the same in the actual post. I actually lost some of the cards I had previously scanned in to an earlier post. I may try to rescan them or just let it go. It has been very frustrating. I have a lot more to show, so we'll see. (American Idol comes on tonight, and while I absolutely do not watch a lot of TV- that show is one of my (not so) secret pleasures. (smile- 4 those that know me) later...