Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorry about the sideways photos...

These are cards I have made over the past few months.

1. This is a birthday card I made for someone.

2. This Nurses' card was made for someone graduating from college.

3. I got the idea for this gift card holder from someone on SCS (thank you very much) if you can recognize your design please feel free to let me know. I apologize for not remembering. But this was a wonderfully easy design to reproduce for any gift card occasion. I LOVE IT! (again, sorry about the sideways photos) : )
My sister Bethann told me I should include the story behind this gift card holder. I needed it to hold my brother's Christmas gift. When he opened it I was standing there grinning, and asking him if he liked that store. He asked me "What store?" I thought it was something wrong with him. Well, I was in such a hurry when I put the card in the envelope- I never noticed the gift card flew out of the envelope- so when I gave it to him there was absolutely NOTHING inside the card. When I got back home the gift card was laying on the table! Well I have to admit my brother just got that gift card last week! (no joke)...

4. These cards can be personalized for birthday or for something else. I honestly can't remember who I made them for.

5. A birthday card for a good friend who loves red.

6. This was the card I made for my son's 14th birthday. Male cards are not my forte.

7. A card for a coworkers wife. I love it when the men ask for cards for their wives or girlfriends! This coworker makes the most fabulous cards himself- so we exchange! If he allows me to, I will post some of them one day soon.

8. Another Christmas card from last Christmas. Can you tell the common denominator? Yes, I really love snow-men and snow- girls!

9. This was one of the Christmas cards I sent out last Christmas. I love that snowman. He started out as a gift tag.

10. A sympathy card. I know I need to make these ahead of time. I just can not get motivated to do it, so I make them as I need them.

11. Another sympathy card for a coworker.

12. This was a get well card for a coworker. The inside is above. He was hit by a car and was on crutches for a while. This design was cased from a past Stampin' Up catalog. If you have to have the page I will have to look it up. I don't know it right now. (I know, I am some kinda blogger- huh?) : ) Also I designed this same card as a birthday card for my great niece and great nephew. I will try to load those cards tomorrow.

13. This was a birthday card for the Pastor of a coworkers' church.

14. Unfortunately, this was a sympathy card for
a 15 year old girl who passed away earlier this year. It was shocking to hear of her passing. She went to school with my son for many years. I can not imagine her mother's grief. She was an only child. I never saw her when she didn't have a bright smile on her face.

Sorry so many of the cards are sideways. Hope to improve on that.

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  1. Rachel,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your card designs!!! Wonderful work girl! I know we'll be seeing great things from you in the future. I'll definately be checking in with your blog OFTEN! Keep up the great work. You make us cardmakers proud.
    Happy CMing, (that's cardmaking for all you newbies out their)