Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Valley Forge Convention July 2010

My quote for today is:

There are far too many people who are willing to carry the piano stool,
when it is the piano that needs to be moved. (Unknown)

These are my photos from the Convention I wait 364 days for:
Valley Forge Scrapbooking Convention 2010!

They listed us last...

Teri Anderson taught the Papercrafts class " Card Swap".
She was a lot of fun. I really liked her sense of humor.
And her card designs were so cute!
(sorry, I forgot to load those) :)

Melissa Frances was a little distraught because she was left alone to run her own booth!
She did not like running the register, but she didn't mind posing for a picture,
especially when her friend showed up! Despite her troubles, she was really nice!

Some of my "finds"...
These are flower borders with glitter. They look a lot cuter in person.

Felt butterflies, fabric scallops, rhinestone, pearl and black stone flourishes, and
my little owl from a make an take is looking over the whole package!

Lots of beautiful ribbons, lots of rhinestone combinations and
two stamp sets from Technique Tuesday.

A little out of focus, but I wanted to show him larger anyway...
My paper pieced owl...

This gorgeous cake was in a bridal room at the hotel attached to the convention center.
I thought it was pretty enough to be inspiration for a card. (that hasn't yet been made)

Here's the sample card!

These are the two Technique Tuesday classes I took at the convention.
Rubber stamp sets came with both classes. These cards are nice!

Thanks for taking a peek. I have 2 or 3 more entries over the next couple days and
then I will be back making some new cards.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thinking of You and June Birthdays

Hey there!!! It has been over two months since my last posting, but I am getting back to the blog today. I have a lot that has been going on, but not a lot of crafting to share. This entry will feature 4 cards, no supplies. :( Once I am back into full swing, I will go back to listing my supplies. Not today, though.

In July I sent my laptop to HP for repair. They sent it back to me right before I had to travel, so it still does not have all the software on it that it should have. Really everything is still missing. You don't realize how you have really set everything up (how you like it) until its not there any more. OK. I'm not gonna whine, I'm movin' on. Eventually I'll be back in the groove. But it will be rough going for a bit. (plus school is about to start in about 2 weeks or less!)

My quote for today is:

You may have the loftiest goals, the highest ideals, the noblest dreams,
but remember this, nothing works unless you do. Nido Quberin

I have used this quote before, but it is so appropriate for me right now because I have SO much to do, and NONE of it will get done unless I get motivated to GET IT DONE. I started shifting three rooms in my home over a month ago and had to stop to travel for two weeks. Well, I came back and those rooms were still waiting to be completed. I have finished putting one in place. I'm working on number two. Somehow changing 3 rooms has affected 6.

PS. Once again a BIG thank you to my sister Bethann (words simply can not express my gratitude for all she did to help me on my way), my loving sister Susan, and our dear friend Bertha for all the help they gave me in the house. I appreciate you gals so much!!!

Thanks for my friends Lynn and Helen for caring, and for not giving up on my card crafting.

Now on to the few cards I have made...

(1) This first card is one I made to send to a member of the AFIS Internet organization. His son was injured in a card accident and I just wanted him to know that the members of the organization were thinking of him. He was very appreciative of this card. One thing about these dimensional cards, you better be prepared to pay higher postage, or hand deliver them! :) This card was stamped, painted with dimensional paint, printed on the computer, and die cut! That is a lot of techniques all on one card, especially for me. I really have been trying to keep it simple, lately.

(2) This is a birthday card for a "fellow" Cancerian. : ) As you can see this lady was celebrating her 40th birthday this year. Her favorite colors?: shades of green...
It was a simple design, but I like how these turned out. Love the paper, love the ribbon, love the little crabs! Three 6X6 cards, all the same basic design. Do you think they turned out different? I do...

(3) My second "fellow" Cancerian lady. This lady loves pink. That is why she has pink crabs.
She liked the little crabs on her card.

(4) This card was made for one of my nephews, who is also my Godson. A very special "young" man. I put it in quotations because I can't believe how old everyone is getting all around me. (hhahaha)...
I'm not sure you would really get "masculine" out of this card, but he seemed to like it. I'm glad because I liked it, too. It was made specifically for him, I'm just not that great at doing the "man" thing. :) And yes, I could have made it black or brown or green...but don't men deserve bright happy colors sometimes, too? : D

That's it for now. I'll be back soon to show you what I've been doing photo-wise (cause I haven't been crafting).
(1) I attended my favorite convention at Valley Forge, Pa. And I will show you the goodies from there.
(2)I attended the annual work convention for AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) Internet, Inc. in Portland, Oregon, and
(3) I visited Williamsburg, and Hampton, Virginia for a week.
(4)Lastly, I stopped in Mitchellville, Maryland on my way home, and one of my nieces happened to be celebrating her 35th birthday (What! She CAN'T be that old, can she?) We went to a Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant. (No, it is NOT misspelled) It was pretty fun! I missed seeing my nieces in Virginia, but it was nice to see a lot of them on this trip. All in all it was a great two weeks. Now it's time to finish this house!!

Thanks for stopping by(come back again!)...Hugs!