Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday wishes X3

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Compliments of Pinterest....

I suppose this message would apply more to the "older folks" than someone just starting out on the dream voyage...but nonetheless why shouldn't they know this too...?


In this post I combined three cards with birthday wishes for my good friends and neighbors Mike and Ada, and for my son, Miles who just turned 17.

This is Miles card. I have been saving this photo for a long time. It was taken almost 10 years ago in Ocean City, Maryland. That has been one of my favorite places to visit besides Disneyworld, that is.

As I approach the beach there is something magical about the ocean air that lifts all my cares and worries away for as long as I'm there. It is so peaceful, and relaxing. I haven't been able to spend dedicated time there like I would want since Miles started school, but he is a senior this year, so prayerfully I will be getting back to the beach. A good friend of mine has already suggested we use it this year as a "craft retreat week" What could be better than that? I'm all for it! :)

Here is his card.

I had to add the red because it is his favorite color, and I blinged the 17 because he loves a little bling!

I was inspired to make this card after browsing the internet and someone made a card using that statement "Enjoy the Ride"....immediately it reminded me of his photo, and I took it from there...
So if you happen upon this blog, and you remember using that sentiment on a project recently- I thank you for the inspiration.

The inside is very long. It was taken from one of my many favorite inspirational books.
The poem is mostly intact, however I did adapt it to my young man for the purpose of this very special birthday.


This next card was created at a Stampin Up gathering. I love everything about it. The fall colors, the leave image, the embossing folder.

This is the card that was created for my neighbor and friend Ada. I'm not sure how old she turned, but I do know that she is significantly younger than me, and is a real mother in every way. She has four beautiful daughters of various ages (2 younger and 2 older) and she runs her household like nobodies business! She does so much for and with her girls, it is amazing! I am always in awe of what I call "real parents" (those with more than one kid, lol) I don't know how they do it. Sometimes I feel ready for the loony bin, and then I just say a prayer and keep it moving...I always remember another favorite poem of mine by Helen Steiner Rice "This too shall pass away...") In fact, these days I have to remember that poem EVERY SINGLE DAY...

Her card...

The inside...

And last, but certainly not least, here is a card for Ada's husband, Mike. I forgot to tell you that Ada and Mike are always inviting me to dinner, and shamlessly, I rarely say no! They are the best cooks, and I think (according to Ada) Mike cooks a little more. He makes a lot of mean dishes I can attest to! They do so many things for me throughout the year, I try to remember them on their birthdays.

Keep in mind I am still stressed about situations occuring with my teen on a weekly basis, so that doesn't help me get into a creative mindset. But..."This too shall pass..." :)

Here is his card...

The inside...

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mini Assorted Cards Group 2

My mini card group #2

There, now isn't that a better way to look at it?.... I'm really not an optimist, but I have been trying to be more optimistic and hopeful over the past several years...So I'm all in favor of this observation...

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These mini cards were made for a friend who makes gift baskets. I thought she could give them to her customers to include with their baskets when they give them away. That is why I tried to make them kind of general. They can write a small note inside. I have found from making cards for several people that many do not want to have to write much, sometimes signing their name is too much.

I have so many ideas in my head that I want to translate into cards! I'm trying to get started now. I want to make several sets of cards to give away as gifts. I will be working on that throughout the year.

I actually made more than I'm showing here, but I gave them away (AGAIN!) before I remembered to photograph them. This seems to be becoming a bad habit!....

I'm having a Stampin Up party next month, and I am making some cards to give away as a thank you for every one who comes out. I will also try to make a couple sets to give away as "door prizes". We shall see how that goes...LOL


Now I am a tea drinker, so this is probably my favorite of the whole bunch. :) This was made using some old Jolee dimensional stickers.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Cancer Can Not Do: Shelly

I want to thank my friend Monica for spotlighting me on her blog
What an honor! I am so appreciative of her mention.
Thank you, Monica, so very much! XXOO



Via Pinterest:

Who doesn't get stressed from time to time. Just a few words of wisdom to help you cope until you make it to the other side. And you WILL make it because nothing lasts forever...


This card was made for a lady named Shelly. I never met her, but she was a friend of a
friend of mine. I was asked to make her a card because her friends were throwing her
a party so she could have her "flowers" while she was still here to smell them. She told
me her favorite color was red. Shelly had terminal cancer. Very sadly, Shelly passed
away right before Christmas. My friend told me this card touched her...

Her card:

The inside:


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the heart...."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The other Birthday card

Happy New Year....again!
May it be healthy, happy and fabulous!

January 1, 2012
The Other Birthday Card....

This was supposed to be two similar birthday cards that I made, only as I went to post them, I found out I already delivered one of them without taking a photo (horrors!) Oh well... This one is similar to the Mojo Monday card for my sister in the previous post, but I did not follow the design as I did for hers. Everyone that you make cards for does not understand using multiple color schemes just so you can enter a card in a challenge! lol

Here's my quote for today, courtesy of (who else, these days... but...) Pinterest!

Just a thought for the new year...

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Here's the birthday card....the lady it was for loves her cat. I loved the color of that paper!

It's a little different. Plus I'm showing you the inside on this one...

The cards below are actually the cards I made for my girlfriend whose card was similar to the one above, but I forgot to photograph it. Again I selected some of the cards from the ones below and put them in the box at the end of the post. One day I will learn to make some prettier packaging, but for now this is working out ok...I think. :)

The paper used for these cards looks much prettier in person (I know we all say that, but it's true!) It is the pearlized paper by Core-dinations. Makes the "ordinary" a little more special. :)

Don't judge me.

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