Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all a process...

Yesterday I decided to link my blog to SCS and start a gallery.  This was after almost 10 months of gawking at all of the fabulous creations on that site.  I think I have spent whatever "free" time I may have had just "looking".  It has become an addiction of the best and worst kind.  I thought if perhaps I went on and linked to my blog (although I know I am not really ready), I could start to learn more about how it all works, as well as beginning to participate in at least a few of the many challenges that exist out there in SCS heaven.  I want to do this! : )  So now I just have to start.  

Please bear with me, and thank you to all the ladies that have been kind enough to leave me comments on my gallery cards.  I really appreciate the support!  I do not know how to reply to questions which are asked, so I may take a roundabout route.   I'm open for any and all suggestions as I continue this learning process.  So if any "veterans" stumble across my blog, I would love to pick your brains about things.  Thanks again for everything! 

I am going to try harder to get better about being more organized on this blog.  I have been following Ashley Newell of "A New Design" (wish I knew how to link you here, but you can get the connection to her blog from the long list of blogs I follow on the side).  She has it down to a science, and eventually I would like to be like that.  

I am definitely in my stamping infancy, but I know I will improve over time.  Because I absolutely love this craft (and being a "collector" of "all things crafty"), I have almost everything I need to do it.  Sad but true.  : ) 

Perhaps I will have a card to post later today.

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