Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're off to the Museums in Washington, D.C....

Two cousins going "toe to toe"... : )

...from the Disney park...

Thinking of what so many of us do every day...

I just had to snap this teapot!

One of several pair of Dorothy's famous "ruby red slippers" worn by Judy Garland in the "Wizard of Oz".

I barely got Phylis Dillers' wig in the photo!

Do you remember Julia Child?! Below is a photo of the actual kitchen from her home where she did all her cooking!  She donated it to the museum of American History.  

Seeing the "puffy shirt" made me smile..., that was probably a good idea to place it next to Oscar the Grouch.

Good old Kermit!  "It's not easy being green..."

Photos of the models are a couple pics below...

Six designs for a new African-American museum in the making.  Which one do you favor?  I want to see which one is later selected.  

This was our first stop at the museums on the mall.

This was our second stop on the mall.

The Hope Diamond!

Aren't these fish beautiful?

I should have written down how many feet this octopus was, because now the exact length escapes me.  Even from this angle I couldn't get the entire body.  If you live in the DC area, check it out.

Easter flowers from caring friends.  These are the first Easter flowers I've received in a very long time.  They are blooming nicely, too.

A 40th birthday card.  Someone's favorite colors and character!

These photos were snapped of the sky just after the rain this week.  Seems like lately we have had several thunderstorms.  But it's always nice to see a rainbow...

Another birthday card for...can you guess?...yes! a pool player!  Challenging since I know very little about pool!

Hope to be back soon, but there is so much going on...One day at a time...

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