Friday, April 29, 2011

AFIS Internet Congrats

Today I want to write a page from "Words of Wisdom for Women" by Rachel Snyder:

Todays word is:


Allow yourself to ask for what you need. Allow yourself to need help, to need love, to need other people. Give yourself permission to say "this is what I need", to say it without shame, without guilt. Now allow yourself to receive what is offered. Allow yourself to be human. Allow yourself the luxury of screwing up now and then, of being less than perfect. Allow yourself to lay it all down and breathe. Now allow someone else to help you pick up the pieces. Give (her) permission to love you in the only way (she) knows how. Every so often, allow yourself to forget about the bills and the phone calls and the deadlines. Allow yourself the freedom to to feel exactly how you feel, to be exactly where you are in any given moment. Allow others to do the same.


These two cards were sent to members of AFIS Internet, a law enforcement organization that has been in existence for 25 years this year. It was sent to these individuals to congratulate them on promotions they recently received.
The cards are simple basic designs that I work 3/4 through and then finish them off based on the need. That way I can make them Sympathy, birthday, Get Well...whatever...I love working my card designs this way because I don't often have time to create something brand new- especially when I need a card for work. Especially Sympathy. I really need to create more cards to be used in this way.

Same basic design, but I still love how they turned out so different. And I'm sure you noticed- no sentiment on the outside. I personalized them each inside very specifically addressing the new job title(s). I know at least one lady said hers was beautiful.

Thanks for taking the time for your visit. I appreciate it, and you!!!

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  1. Rae...both cards are beautiful!!! The leaves in white are sooo elegant and I love the different colors you used!!! The ladies you sent them to will love them, for sure!!!!