Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moxie Fab World "Taintor-tude" Challenge

Here are my entries for the Moxie Fab World "Taintor-tude" Challenge. I was going to do more than one post, but I am so sleepy I just want to get these loaded. I did 8 cards.

Now, it was certainly fun working on these cards, but I was absolutely out of my element, here. Not comfortable working with vintage, but I do like the look when others do it...

OK, well, I hope you enjoy....

(1) Bon voyage

She's doin' the "Miss America wave" cause she doesn't want her hand to be too tired to hold that drink!...

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company; Patterned paper: My wild life paper pack by Colorbok; Accents: sun by Sandylion Essentials; Cruise Ship by K & Company; Photo: by Quantity Postcards

(2) Carwash (or "I'm on the outside lookin' in...)

Somehow Dad figures out how to get the whole family involved in washing the car, but Mom?, well...

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company, Bazzill; Patterned paper: DCWV; Accents: mini leaves by Dollar Store; Photo: By Laszlo Willinger


(3) The 20% (or...She came up short...)

Looks like this couple stole away to the only place in town that doesn't allow necking. Now I guess if you have to explain it, it doesn't count, but I will anyway. I saw a movie where they explained that if you are with your significant other and you have "80%" of your needs being met, you are doing good. However, there are some people that leave the relationship for the person that can satisfy the other "20%" that their mate just couldn't do. But in the end, that's what you end up with, the 20% instead of the 80%. Think about it....(hummmmmmm...)

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural); Patterned paper: DCWV ; Accents: flower brad unknown, paper flower by Prima; Ribbon: pink satin from AC Moore, Tools: Border punch by Fiskars, Photo: 1920 Unknown Photographer


(4) On Her Pedestal

She's posing like Barbie, and if he thinks for one moment that her hands on that lawnmower mean shes gonna start pushin' it, he better think again!...

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company; Patterned paper: Blue Jeans by Paper Pizazz, Rust stripe unknown; Sentiment: by Repeat Impressions; Accents: fabric leaves unknown; Photo: 1989 by Quantity Postcards, Plant pedestal graphic by Plant Stand Store


(5) Jok-her-face

I'm sorry, but her face sooo reminds me of the Joker from the Batman movies. ...
All I could think of was Joan Rivers and Botox!

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company ; Patterned paper: Sweet Pea and Rose Stripe by The Paper Company Solid Paper: Two sided green by We R Memory Keepers (Canister) ; Accents: Fresh baked rolls in basket by Sulyn Pot Luck Supper Cook book Appetizing Accents; Ribbon/Fiber: Creme Trim from AC Moore, Photo: 1986 by Quantity Postcards


(6) Fishing is a "trip" with Friends and Family

OK, I confess. He was actually holding up a shoe! But I replaced it with this wrench. It's pretty much the same difference, isn't it?

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company ; Patterned paper: Unknown (DCWV?); Accents: Wrench by Sandylion Essentials; Ribbon/Fiber: twine from AC Moore, Photo: 1949 by Ralph Bartholomew


(7) The "Turkey"

I discussed this one with my sister. I think this one tells my age because when I asked my son about it, he had no idea that a man would EVER be called a "turkey". It did not comprehend for his 15 year old brain. But when I was coming up, not only were they called "turkeys", but they were even called "jive turkeys"...go figure...

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company ; Patterned paper: Unknown (DCWV?); Accents: Turkey by Sulyn Pot Luck Supper/ Cook book Appetizing Accents; Ribbon/Fiber: glitter ruffle from AC Moore, Photo: by Quantity Post Cards


(8) The Blind Date

Well, I saved my favorite for last. This is a classic case of "Men are from mars, and Women are from Venus..." There are so many times that we send wrong signals or misinterpret conversation and we don't even realize it. I remember a man asked me out once (many moons ago) and I let him know I wasn't interested. He was really shocked and said he thought I liked him. When I asked him how or why he came to that conclusion- he said simply because I smiled at him, and talked to him. (HUHHHH!?!) After that it was strictly hello and goodbye.....This photo just reminded me of those occasions.

Supplies: Cardstock: precut by Paper Reflections (Natural), The Paper Company ; Patterned paper: We R Memory Keepers (Beach Ball); Accents: Buttons Unknown (Red, Blue and Yellow); Bubble Sentiments computer generated; Photo: by Quantity Post Cards


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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Your cards are so funny! Good luck with the challenge!

  2. Thank you for sharing your card. I love the vintage feel of your cards!!

    I wish you a great weekend,
    Jessica Lynn

  3. Hi Rae, Love all 7 of your Anne Taintor funny! I'm not a real vintage fan either, but found these to be fun (once I found the photos) Thanks for leaving me a great comment, it's so nice to meet and check out other bloggers that way. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. All of yours are so funny. I can't believe you made 7..WOW!! You rocked girl!!

  5. Wow eight cards and all so unique and well done. Best of luck with the challenge and vintage does you well. Hugs,kathy

  6. Hey Rachel! I'm so glad to see how much fun you've had with this challenge! You go, girl! :)

  7. 與其爭取不可能得到的東西,不如善自珍惜運用自己所擁有的........................................

  8. Hi Rachel,

    Look at all these comments! You go gal!

    I had to ask Victor. It means, "instead of try to get something that couldn't get, why not value what you have."

    Isn't it wired?

  9. Rachel, these are soooooo funny! You should have won something... at least a blog trophy or something. If I had a blog trophy "gut busting humor" I'd award it to you